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Majorca isn’t just a place for sunbathing and swimming, but an amazing island full of natural parks and beautiful landscapes; wants you to make the most of your holidays; that’s why we offer our clients tours around the island with the best taxi prices in Majorca , without forgetting our well-known taxi service from Mallorca airport to your hotel or resort.  Here are some reasons why you should tour nature reserves.

1# Luxurious vegetation.

There are several nature reserves in Majorca, but our favourite is, undoubtedly, Punta de N’Amer because it’s a vast quiet place, away from massive tourism. Not so isolated, 

tour nature reserves in majorca

but equal in beauty is S’Albufereta de Pollensa, a private property and protected area (it’s also a stopping point for migratory birds). If you hire our services for your holiday transfers, we can drive you through it as cars are allowed.


2# There are lots of uninhabited islands.

 If you’re looking for isolated places, you must go to Sa Dragonera Natural Park, which receives its name because of its dragon-like shape (or so people say). Another site you can’t miss is The Cabrera Archipelago, which - in spite of being uninhabited, has a museum, a castle, and the well-known caves of La Miranda in one of the nineteen islands that make this archipelago. There are also daily boat trips and hikes.

3# There are lots of places for hiking.

If you’re fond of walking, we recommend you The Llevant Peninsula National Park, full of trails and shelters to stay overnight . you can drive through it, so we can take you there and you won’t have to worry about anything. 

4# The spectacular views and beautiful beaches.

We’re convinced that you won’t really enjoy the island if you don’t go The Mondragó Natural Park , which is famous for its beaches and crystal clear waters. You can walk through it and enjoy the different bird species that stop there in their migratory journey.

5# Majorca is a stopping point for migratory birds.

Another tour we offer is S’Albufera National Park, a unique site for tourists who can enjoy the footpaths, bike trails and birdwatching, as well as birdsong at the visitors centre.

We know you’ll need a reliable means of transport to move around the island, and we’d like you to trust in our experienced drivers. We guarantee you a comfortable trip, privacy (you won’t share our cars with other people) and the best prices, so that you enjoy cheap holidays tranfers in majorca . 

To finish with, feel free to contact with us and ask for more information about our tours around the island or transfers from Palma airport to Calas de Mallorca. We’ll help you

organise your trip to ensure you have an unforgettable journey.

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