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Free Customized Palma Majorca Tourist Tour

For those who don’t like sticking to timetables and schedules, we offer them the possibility of designing their own tour; maybe there are places you’ve heard of and want to visit although they’re far from each other! Call Taximajorca365 and ask for prices.

The advantages of planning your day with us are many:

1-    You decide when to arrive and leave.

We all have experienced taking part in organized activities; you must stick to tight schedules to visit all the places for which you’ve already paid for; sometimes it might be quite stressing and we often end up our day more tired than usual. If you hire our Palma Majorca Taxi Tours we’ll make sure you spend a relaxing day.

2-    You can choose the places you want to go

free tourist tourProbably, there are places you’ve been told about or read on the internet and always wanted to see; tell us and we’ll organize your Palma Majorca Tourist tour making sure you save time and taking into account visiting hours.

Besides if you plan to go to any of the Natural parks, you may want to take the bike to ride along their paths and lanes. We offer our clients a service to carry sport equipment at no higher cost: Palma Majorca Tranfer for bikes

3-    It’s cheaper than you think

Our prices are the best around the area; they all include passenger insurance and child seats if they were necessary. All taxes, luggage and supplements are included in the final price, which you’ll know in advance; we don’t like last minute surprises. More information about prices and fares .

Besides, Taxi Majorca 365 services are incomparable: to start with, all our drivers are proven professionals and know Majorca like the back of their hand; they also speak English and Spanish. Then, you can book online, any day of the year. Finally, we always check flights and we’ll wait for you in case of delay.

4-    You won’t worry about transport

We don’t want you to worry about transport; that’s why for all our services (Majorca Airport Transfers, Resort Transfers, and Palma Majorca Tourist Tours) we always pick up and leave our clients at their hotel or resort

To finish with, just remind you that for all your Majorca Airport transfers and resort transfers in Majorca, you can count on us; we are a reliable company working for tourists for decades;