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Palma Majorca tourist tour:  Drach Caves, Portocristo and Pearls Factory

Majorca is an unforgettable place, full of surprises that will make your holidays the best you’ve ever had. We offer our clients Palma Majorca tourist tours around the island with which you’ll enjoy its beauty and variety. Today, we bring to our blog in our taxi tour to Drach Caves, Porto Cristo and the Pearls Factory.

Before starting, just remember that no matter where you have rooms, Majorca Taxi 365 can take you anywhere. From the very first moment you arrive in the island, you can count on our Palma Airport Taxis for allyour transfers. We offer the best services because we have the safest cars and the most experienced drivers. You can also hire Palma Majorca tourist tours around the island, and you won’t have to worry about transportation.

Palma Majorca tourist tour: Caves of Drach

drach cavesThe first stop in our Palma Majorca tourist tour is Caves of Drach. These spectacular caves, also called the Dragon Caves, are located near the village of Porto Cristo, and they’re one of the most valued attractions in the island. There are guided tours that take visitors along 2 kilometers to see the amazing stalactite formations and a lake (Lake Mertel), where you’ll enjoy a violin concert.

Palma Majorca tourist tour: Porto Cristo

Then, we’ll take you to Porto Cristo. This quiet town isn’t a target touristic destination, but it’s one of the most beautiful places in the island; it mixes new and old equally resulting in a balance you don’t see very often. Its name comes from 1260, when a crucifix was found on a boat in the beach; according to the legend, an ox carrying an icon of God stopped and refused to walk anymore, inhabitants considered it as a sign and decide to call the town Porto Cristo.

We’ll finish our taxi tour visiting the Pearl factory of Manacor where Majorica pearls are manufactured; you’ll learn about a delicate process that ends up in the finest and most exquisite creations. There are guided tours every day, and you may buy a tax- free souvenir in the shop at the factory, where experts in pearls will advise you in all your purchases.

As you can see, it’s a perfect plan for those who love sightseeing and learn new things; Majorca landmarks and Taxi Majorca 365. Don’t wait and call us to hire one of our Palma airport taxis or Palma Majorca tourist tour; the best way to relax and enjoy your holidays.